WELCOMe to sebre

The South East Business Recovery Exchange (SEBRE) is a nonprofit organization that promotes the interaction of persons involved in, or responsible for, business continuity planning/disaster recovery in their respective organizations.

The mission of the group is to effectively serve the membership through professional excellence by providing a forum for information exchange. Membership is limited to companies which have a business continuity/disaster recovery function or otherwise have an interest in establishing such a function. Businesses whose source of revenue is derived from the sale of business continuity/disaster recovery products and services are not eligible for membership.

SEBRE meets semi-annually in Atlanta in the Fall and at another southeastern city in the Spring. Our discussion sessions are facilitated by members of our organization who encourage exchange of information on what business continuity/disaster recovery practices are most effective. Currently SEBRE is compiled of 30 member companies throughout the southeast. Our bylaws allow us to maintain a maximum of 30 companies so that our members are assured a quality exchange of information and dialogue. 

The Spring SEBRE meeting will be held in New Orleans, LA from May 7-9, 2017.  Please mark your calendars for this event.